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First National Bank or FNB is a major bank in South Africa and considered one of the oldest with historical ties from 1838. It is a division within FirstRand Bank Limited, a subsidiary of FirstRand Limited, a South African integrated financial services group listed on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exc... read more

FNB Discussion

  • Q: what is the interest rates on a business deposit account

    Reply Barry from United Kingdom
  • Q: What is the interest rates for Money market and 7 day notice deposits

    Reply Anon from Midrand, South Africa
  • Q: what are the monthly costs involved in having business account?

    Reply imkita from South Africa
  • Q: If my friend opens a Maximiser account with R200,000 for (say) 4 years what will be the annual intersest rate.

    Reply Brian from South Africa
  • Q: I want to save R120 000.00 for 3yrs how much will b my interest en hw do I go about it cn I go to the branch en let them help me?

    Reply Selina from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: Are the fixed deposits available in emergencies - can one draw from it before the matured date?

    Reply Deirdre from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Q: Which investment account has the biggest interest rate?

    Reply Davie from Zambia
  • Q: What is the interest on a 7 day notice account!

    Reply Hester from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Reply SARA

    Reply MATHILDA from South Africa
    • R: What the start amount to invest either its a long term or short term

      Reply Sonwabile
  • Q: What is a percentage for personal or smart spend loan at FNB

    Reply Thembeka from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: What is the rates on a deposite 20000 on 24 months

    Reply terence from Pretoria, South Africa
    • R: If I invest 10 000 for 12 months , how much interest am I gonna get

      Reply Siya
  • Q: which investment account at your bank has biggest interest rate. i want to open one.

    Reply stephen from Zambia

FNB Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: If I invest money with a fixed deposit account, can I add money at any time?

    Reply Yolandi from Pretoria, South Africa
  • FNB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I want to save for a car it cost R129000 so I want to know how much I need to invest every month What interest do you pay on deposit.How often is it paid on the minimum monthly balance. if I save my m

    Reply Boingotlo from Vanderbijlpark, South Africa
  • FNB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Hi how much can I get in fixe deposit if I put 5000 for 12 month

    Reply Sphiwe from South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: If i invest 40k for a period of 5 years what will my interest rate be like? N how much would be my monthly earnings?

    Reply Lungi from South Africa
  • FNB 5 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: How much interest of investing R150000.00 after two years ?

    Reply Jacques from South Africa
  • FNB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Good day ...if i inverst 20 000 for 6 mounths, how much would I get after 6 months

    Reply Phillip from South Africa
  • FNB Money Maximiser Account - Savings
    Q: On R 10 000.00 how much in real currecy would I receive per month ?

    Reply Daniel from Pretoria, South Africa
  • FNB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Good day. If i invest 420 000 for 12 months what will the interest be? I will have to use the interest unfortunately.

    Reply Liezel from George, South Africa
  • FNB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Hello If I invest R1000 to R2000 for 12 month. How much interest will I be getting per month?

    Reply Khomotso from Pretoria, South Africa
  • FNB 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: if i fix amount of R100 000 for 2 years with how much is your interest rate. if i fix the same amount for 2 years and would like to have interest every month how much is the interest per month

    Reply Nandipa from Cape Town, South Africa

FNB Reviews

  • The reason i am still with FNB, the stuff when you ask for help they really live up to the standard/motto of how can we help you. especially randfontein even they made it small and slow but the staff do their best to keep it up to date and helping every client.

    phillip from Johannesburg , Gauteng , South Africa

FNB Reviews

  • They were efficient and there customer service was excellent.They helped we with everything as well as to set up my online banking

    Robyn from Port Elizabeth, South Africa